Airless spray guns

Airless spray guns with high-pressure atomization are best suited for applying thick layers of paint over large surfaces.

The use of electrostatics increases the efficiency and significantly reduces the operating costs of the painting systems and the VOC pollution of the environment.

Airless spray gun MAE 7-059

Airless spray gun MAE 7-059

Wooden windows – Painted with water-based, thick, transparent layer by a highpressure spray gun mounted on a reciprocator operated by means of Kontur V system controller

Automatic Airless spray gun MAE 7-059-Ex

The high pressured painting material is atomized when leaving the nozzle.

The required quantity and quality of paint determine the used nozzle size; flat and round nozzles adapt to the different painting requirements.

The pneumatic activated valve allows very short switching intervals, as needed when working with automatic controls, where paint is switched off at the edge of work pieces.

  • Paint valve activated by pneumatic control piston
  • Paint valve close to nozzles
  • Shortest gun trigger times for automatic control
  • Optional paint circulating
  • Permitted in explosion hazardous area of zone 2
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