Electrostatic disc atomizer

Disc atomizers guarantee superior quality finish with minimal paint loss. For extremely high paint throughput applications, Reiter offers both pneumatically and electrically driven disc atomizers. Various disc sizes and shapes are available upon demand. Sprayers can be used for applying both water- and solvent-based materials. This gives you the VOC pollution under control.

Disc atomizer HR Center Disc


Bicycle frames – Metal painted with single pack of water-based paint by a disc sprayer installed on a roofmounted reciprocator

HR CENTER DISC – Electrostatic disc atomizer by REITER

The disc atomizer HR Center Disc with direct high tension charging is an air-driven high rotation system with a rapidly rotating atomizer – max. 10,000 rpm during application. High tension is applied at the disc. With this spraying system only electrostatic forces push and atomize the paint material over the sharp disc edge.

  • The material is centre feed to the disc ensuring best possible paint distribution. With the disc atomizer HR Center Disc as integrated part of a system (i.e. painting line/spray booth) an even film build on the work pieces is achieved. Because of the fine atomization of the material the overspray is reduced to lowest levels. Spray disc can be selected from a wide range to suit work piece design.

    The material flow rate depends on required wet and dry film builds and the spraying distance. Materials used must be suitable for electrostatic application. In addition to its low weight, compact and maintenance friendly design the disc atomizer HR Center Disc offers all features of a state of the art rotary disc atomizer. Integrated colour changer with up to four paint valves including solvent valve, disc flushing valve allowing colour change time in less than 10 seconds and closed loop speed control up to 10.000 rpm.

    For use with 2-pack materials there is an option to mix the A- and B components inside the spray system with an integrated static mixer minimizing paint consumption. Dedicated disc designs for today´s coating materials such as waterborne, 2-pack and solventborne coatings ensure perfect results.

    • Accurate speed control for even film build, reduced overspray and highest system availability
    • Reduced time for service work for disc change or maintenance due to modular design. Reduced production downtime in case of service
    • Ceiling reciprocator designed to integrate disc atomizer HR Center Disc for less contamination and easy to clean surface.
    • Integrated colour change block with disc flush valve for minimum solvent use and quickest colour change times
    • Shaft design avoids any problems after disc change
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