Individual requirements, flexible technology

Superior quality finish with marginal paint loss and preserved geometric flexibility – these can be achieved with Reiter’s high rotation atomizers. Since their shapes are designed to match the specific applications, atomizers assure efficient processing, even for the waterbased materials. It takes seconds to change a colour.

High rotation atomizer HR Center Bell


Steel rims – Painted with single pack waterbased paint with high rotation bell atomizer mounted on a reciprocator

Electrostatic high rotation atomizer HR Center Bell and Center Bell 2012 with change unit

The high rotation atomizers HR Center Bell and Center Bell 2012 with direct high tension charging are air driven systems. The bell is rotating at very high speed – max. 50.000 rpm during application.

  • In addition to low weight and compact design the high rotation atomizers HR Center Bell and the Center Bell 2012 has all the features that characterize a modern spraying system. Separate internal bell wash function, quick flushing valve for colour changes under five seconds and close loop turbine speed control for up to 50.000 rpm. Dedicated bell designs for today‘s coating materials such as waterborne, 2-pack and solventborne coatings ensure perfect results.

    Easy to clean covers and holders for the operation with robots and reciprocators/fixed supports of all manufacturers are available. Based on proven technology, the spraying system Center Bell 2012 can perform necessary maintenance and service work with minimal downtime. Within 2 minutes, the complete functional part can be replaced by only one employee.

    • At the Center Bell 2012 the change unit with all functional components of the spraying system is completely removable for maintenance and repair work. To avoid downtime, at least one spare change unit recommended
    • High precision rotation speed control improves paint film build distribution, paint consumption and ensures highest system availability
    • Cone design for bell mounting avoid trouble after replacement of bells
    • Additional dump valve for shortest colour changes
    • Shaping air control for high transfer efficiency, excellent particle penetration and finish quality
    • Quick connection system for turbine change
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