Colour change systems with integrated static mixer and paint valves

The 2K colour change system is suitable for all paints, which must be mixed in specific volume contents prior to spraying and consist of two components, stock paint and hardener, and then chemically react.

  • Eliminated risk of demixing of components and blocked valves due to mixer positioned right behind valves. There is no demixing of the components and blocked valves possible because the two components are mixed shortly after the paint valve in the colour change block. The use of special designed static mixer reduced risk of blocking.

    With this colour change system also 1K materials can be processed, in this case the static mixer is not necessary. The use of solvent and waterborne paint with one system is possible as two flushing valves can be integrated.

Colour change system in mulit-valve adapter

Colour change block

Typical 2K applications

  • Wood and plastics industry
  • Large machines, containers, aeroplanes chemical plants
  • Resistance against mechanical, chemical and environmental stresses
  • For reduced energy cost for curing of solvent borne systems
  • For fast curing at normal ambient temperatures and easy handling of painted parts


  • Combined dynamic and static mixing for excellent mixing quality independent of volume
  • Special designed fluid channel to paint valves
  • The 2K colour change system with integrated static mixer is mixing only the required material
  • When used together with an electronic 2K mixing and dosing unit wrong mixing ratios are impossible
  • Material and disposal cost are reduced dramatically
  • Very short flushing times increase productivity
  • Minimum solvent and paint wastage for reduced emissions, material and disposal cost
  • Suitable for paint systems with shortest potlife times
  • Mounting on robots or reciprocators

User-friendly advantages

  • Shortest paint loading times
  • Dump valves for very short and controlled flushing cycles (option)
  • Dump valves for stock paint and hardener (option)
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