REDOS – Paint recovery and dosing technology

The number of colours demanded by the consumers rises very strongly in many parts of the industrial painting processes. Especially in the automotive and its supplier industries the number of different colours processed in a painting lines reaches a level where the use of automatic colour change technology is required.

  • In addition the ecological and economic pressure to minimize the loss and consumption of paint material and solvents is mounting.

    High precise gear pumps are used for the exact dosing of materials. A typical installation consists of hose or tube connection from the colour change manifold to the gear pump and further to the spray application equipment. When changing the materials the material situated the lines in front of and after the pump is normally dumped.
    To avoid these material losses, a number of system were developed in the field of painting technology. A pig is pushed with help of a medium between its reception and transmitting station located between the applicator and the gear pump thus the material is pushed back into the supply line.
    With these systems additional equipment is required to recover the paint.

REDOS Paint recovery system

With the Reiter REDOS paint recovery system there is no additional hardware required. The task of pushing back the material between the colour changer and applicator into the supply line this is taken on by the gear pump by reversing its direction. For shorter cycles the material is additionally pressurized with compressed air or solvent.

The paint recovery cycle is followed by a standard flushing cycle and loading of the new colour completes the colour change cycle. The normal time is therefore not extended.
The paint recovery quota is typically 75% of the paint volume in the line. Through this amortisation times of only a few months are possible.


  • Use of paint hoses with small diameter and thus less volume is possible
  • No pig system necessary
  • Advantages of the gear pump systems utilizable
  • Simply to fit to existing systems
  • No additional sensors are needed

Areas of use

  • Painting system with robots and reciprocators
  • Manual painting stations
  • Solventborne and waterborne paints, stock paints, hardener
  • Air atomizing spray guns and high rotation atomizers
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