Pigging systems

Reiter pigging systems enable special paint supply systems with material recovery and automatic colour change in the ring lines. The recovery and cleaning process controlled by PLC to reduce the material and rinsing agent loss significantly as compared to the existing manual colour change. The conveying of paint material is carried out via diaphragm pump; avoid dry running (diaphragm rupture). The supply by rinsing material from the container room must be ensured.

RAMS-1 – AirPig System

RAMS-1 – AirPig System, paint recovery using commpressed air


The simple, cost-effective paint supply system automatically takes the paint out of the circular pipe by using compressed air during colour changes and returns it to container; this will reduce the paint wastage of the colour change. The operator links the feed line to the rinsing unit. First of all the paint is removed using compressed air. This is followed by the rinse process in which the rinsing agent is pulsed through the pipes to clean them more effectively. After this, the next paint container with the new colour is connected to the system and the circular pipe is refilled.

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