Dosing technology – Innovation which comes from experience

Reiter’s history started with development and manufacture of individual components like reciprocators for the surface technology. This means that, right from the start, Reiter was confronted with detail problems which are decisive for the functioning of the entire system. This has provided a rich source of experience which is still proving its value today.

Automatic painting is only successful if one component is compatible with another. Only in this way the whole becomes more than the sum of its individual parts. Reiter keeps all the different stands together. From development of customer-specific solutions through to turn key hand over of the system, complete and ready to operate.

  • 2K Mixing and dosing installations for manual and automatic application to feed accurate quantities and mixing ratios
  • Pneumatically operated paint pressure regulators
  • Precision gear pumps in various versions

PaintMix – Mixing and dosing unit

Dosing technology in the robot process arm

Plastic part, painted with 2K paint system

Mixing and dosing units for 2 or 3 components

Future-oriented and economical

Pushed for ever lower emissions and reduced production costs 2K and 3K materials will be used more and more in industrial applications.

  • To mix these paint systems precisely and reliable highly accurate mixing and dosing units are required. Reiter has developed a full range of mixing and dosing units for almost all applications. Controllers are available for one or several dosing units with the following features:

    • Input and output pressure sensors for each pump
    • Level indicator
    • Alarm printer
    • Service indicator
    • Potlife time alarm
    • Volume or pressure control
    • Variable mixing ratios
    • Quick colour change with low solvent consumption
    • Gun flush box available
    • Flow rate by analogue signal possible

    The actual mixing ration and paint flow rate is shown on the display. All parameters are set on the display. Optionally any deviation in mixing ration and volume can be printed out.

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