System solutions for module and painting installation controls

Modern technologies allow highly automated work cycles which are integrated in the production process as a whole. Reiter makes painting a reliable process with a high degree of repetitive accuracy and consistent quality.

Automatic control systems for 100% process control

Automatic painting systems offer decisive advantages as far as repetitive accuracy of work cycles, safety of processes and consistency of quality are concerned. Reiter not only develops the painting systems themselves, but also the complete control systems for painting installations. So that highly developed technology operates reliably over a long term.


Tailor-made software for all applications

Hardware and software must form an integrated system which communicates seamlessly and is precisely in tune with the painting task in hand. This is one reason why Reiter not only offers concrete technology, but also the intelligence to bring it to life. Tailor-made and precisely in harmony with the painting task and with the production environment.

Flexible control with convenient visualization by Reiter

  • Kontur V – Control system for automatic painting systems
  • ROWINCO – Control system for robot painting installation with automatic program generation
  • Electrostatics
  • Use of various bus systems
  • Worldwide installation support via remote maintenance
  • Execution of hazard analyses and CE certifications in accordance with current safety regulations and machinery directives
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