KONTUR VI – Control system for automatic painting installation

Window frames of different sizes and shapes run through a fine-grid infrared light curtain at the booth entry in »chaotic« sequence. Here the exact profile of the workpieces is registered and transmitted to the control. The computer coordinates the stored sig­nals with the speed of the conveyor and the reci­procators.

  • When the frames are moved into the spraying area, the guns receive exact spraying commands and spray »wet-on-wet« only where there is actually a workpiece. The use of electrostatic guns allows painting the sur­faces and edges all over in optimum quality. The selected colour is supplied automatically and may be determined manually or by means of ident data carrier.

    All installation parameters can be selected and stored on the colour display of the central control system. The clear text operator prompting instructions provides quick troubleshooting and fault elimination. Interfaces to all known recovery installations safe­guard the process. The man machine interface is an essential part for the easy to use automatic painting installation. The graphics system of the Kontur V is developed to simplify the operation and the parameter setting for the operator. Symbol keys for the main functions make the system easy to understand.

    In order to be able to locate the causes of faults quickly and to rectify any faults, the operating and fault messages are designed with help functions.

    The control system is characterised by:

    • modular design with window technology
    • open system enables extensions

Control system for automatic painting installation for windows and doors

Control system for automatic painting installation for the general industry

Paint supply system

  • Optimal handling
  • Minimal dirt contamination
  • Automatic colour change with minimum flushing times and flushing losses as well as maximum availability


  • Highest transfer efficiency through electrostatics
  • Windows painted all over, optimum edge coating
  • Adapted to paint recovery
  • Reliable with long service life
  • Reproducible adjustments ensure quality

Control system

  • Central and easy operation of the painting installation
  • Optimum adjustment to different types of woods, geometries and tasks possible
  • Integrated fault diagnosis with operator assistance
  • Standard remote maintenance via VPN
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