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Mixing and dosing units for 2 or 3 components

Mixing and dosing unit PaintMix
Mixing and dosing unit PaintMix
Mixing and dosing unit UniMix
Mixing and dosing unit UniMix

Future-oriented and economical

Pushed for ever lower emissions and reduced production costs 2K and 3K materials will be used more and more in industrial applications.

To mix these paint systems precisely and reliable highly accurate mixing and dosing units are required. Reiter has developed a full range of mixing and dosing units for almost all applications.

Controllers are available for one or several dosing units with the following features:

  • Input and output pressure sensors for each pump
  • Level indicator
  • Alarm printer
  • Service indicator
  • Potlife time alarm
  • Volume or pressure control
  • Variable mixing ratios
  • Quick colour change with low solvent consumption
  • Gun flush box available
  • Flow rate by analogue signal possible

The actual mixing ration and paint flow rate is shown on the display. All parameters are set on the display. Optionally any deviation in mixing ration and volume can be printed out.


2K-PaintMix and 2K-UniMix – Electronic mixing and dosing units

Perfect process control, fast colour change, easy to use

Our mixing and dosing units 2K-PaintMix and 2K-UniMix are suitable for all kinds of paints consisting of two components prior to application, i.e. stock paint (A) and hardener (B) which are combined according to a set mixing ratio and chemically bind.


Typical areas of application

  • Wood or plastic parts
  • Large machinery, containers, aeroplanes, chemical plants
  • Where high resistance towards mechanical, chemical and climatic influences is required
  • When high quality coatings with high elasticity are demanded
  • When using high solids paints which due to their chemical reactions require low curing times
  • Fast curing of the paint coat at room or increased ambient temperature with high impact resistance of the paint coat allowing safe storage or further processing of the painted parts


Reliable application of the mixing and dosing units

A and B components are mixed continuously at the PaintMix with gear pumps, and at the UniMix via proportional valves. The actual flow of material is controlled and displayed. The flow rate present at the operator’s control panel is electronically controlled. Inaccurate mixing is practically impossible.

The processing time of the mixed material is also precisely controlled. At conclusion of the processing time, the flushing process is initiated automatically. For this, as little solvent is used, as is necessary for the complete cleaning of the installation. The consumption of solvent and cleaning phases is considerably reduced.

Hardening of the material which would cause damage to the equipment is impossible.

Additional safety is given by the independent calibration of the gear pumps at the PaintMix and of the measuring cells at the UniMix within the metering function.

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