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The "not" quite everyday founding history of a company

Early history

In January 1970 the newly founded company "Hydrap" rented space in the basement of the present REITER GmbH + Co. KG building.
At that time the building had just been built by Ernst Müller and was ready for immediate occupation.

The founders of the company "Hydrap" were:

  • Company “mueller elektrostatik” Ernst Müller KG, with Ernst Müller as managing director. He took the position of business director with the company “Hydrap”
  • Karl Hornbacher (designer) as technical director
  • Kurt Reiter as production manager

Reason for founding “Hydrap” was to cover the increasing demand for lift/stroke- and movement facilities which was a priority of “mueller elektrostatik”.

In February 1973 “mueller elektrostatik” Ernst Müller and Kurt Reiter left “Hydrap”. Ernst Müller concentrated on the business of his company; Kurt Reiter began do develop and produce machines under the name of “Kurt Reiter Bewegungstechnik” which were in demand on the market for automatic painting.

The first customer was “mueller elektrostatik”.

1973 is therefore the founding year of the company “Kurt Reiter Bewegungstechnik”. A double-garage in Winnenden-Hertmannsweiler served as the first factory. A small office was set up in the private residence and bookkeeping was done by wife Karola Reiter.


And so it went on


  • The first customer order is being processed. “mueller elektrostatik” is the customer; company “Wolf” in Musberg the end consumer


  • Expanding the space for unit installation, storage and office


  • Move to Winnenden, Ring Street to a considerable bigger building


  • First big projects with special machines


  • Taking up of the WAG machine program from Waydeman + Arnold, therefore increase of the lift/stroke-device assortment


  • Planning and building of the factory in Winnenden-Hertmannsweiler


  • Development and introduction to the market of paint recovery systems at SSI Schäfer
  • Move and corporate transfer to Winnenden-Hermannsweiler


  • Expanding the space for metal workshop and material storage
  • Renaming to “REITER GmbH + Co. KG Maschinenbau” with Kurt Reiter as managing director and partner
  • First order from the automobile industry for two truck cabs-painting installations for Volvo, Umea


  • An office building and apartment was built on to the factory
  • First order for passenger car painting for Volvo in Goteborg and Gent
  • Wolfgang Reiter begins to work for Reiter Maschinenbau on 15. March 1984 and is the production manager today


  • First order for bus-painting in Russia for Binks, GB


  • First participation as exhibitor at the industrial fair in Hannover


  • Expansion for material storage and metalworking shop as well as introduction of CAD construction


  • Continued increase in sales in machines for the automobile painting industry


  • Intensive development for machines for paint recovery systems


  • Expansion of the technical office, four construction jobs were added
  • 1. March 1992, Frank Reiter starts to work as product manager for paint recovery systems


  • 1. May 1995, Harald Reiter starts to work in the company
  • Largest order in the history of the company from ABB over 54 passenger cars painting machines for “Skoda”, Czechia
  • More large orders for painting machines from Daimler-Benz and Opel followed
  • Frank and Harald Reiter took over the present company from “Böllhoff” in Winnenden-Höfen


  • Acquisition of electrostatic wet application and automation technique from Böllhoff Verfahrenstechnik
    The site Winnenden-Höfen is being managed as business surface technology


  • Take over of the Spanish Böllhoff subsidiary in Ruby, Barcelona
  • First large order for plastic paint work from Peguform, Neustadt
  • Introduction of the high rotating atomizer “HR Center Bell” at BMW, Landshut
  • August 1977 first publication of the employee magazine “ReiterInfo”.


  • Consolidation of mechanical engineering and surface technology at today’s site at Winnenden-Höfen
  • Frank and Harald Reiter take over all shares and Kurt Reiter leaves the limited liability company
  • First mirror painting installation at Fico Mirrors, Spain
  • First common project, a Kontur IV window painting installation, with G.A. Hansen at Ideal, Denmark


  • Renaming to REITER GmbH + Co. KG Oberflächentechnik


  • Founding of Reiter UK Ltd. in Birmingham, Great Britain
  • Founding of REITER GmbH in Vienna, Austria
  • First workshop of industrial wood paint work in Aspach
  • First painting installation with robot for Lear in Zwiesel
  • Reiter goes into the World Wide Web, the first website went online


  • Certification quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001


  • Founding sales office REITER Benelux in Hamont-Achel, Belgium
  • Participation at fairs in Rotterdam, Sinsheim, Hannover, Poznan, Valencia and Nuremberg


  • Development and introduction to the market of the Kontur V – Automatic window painting installation
  • Commissioning of robot laboratory in Winnenden
  • Delivery of a large paint supply system to Magna, Assamstadt
  • Patent application and introduction to the market of “REDOS”


  • Founding of REITER India Finishing Systems Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, India


  • 10 Years Reiter Surface Technology


  • Take over of Baral Sondermaschinen und Anlagenbau, Murr (D)
  • Development and launch of „ROWINCO – Robot painting installation with automatic program generation
  • First ROWINCO project for the painting of wooden windows at the company Ideal in Denmark


  • Development and launch of the automatic guns AGR-08 and AGR-09 mini for conventional and low-pressure air atomizing


  • Foundation REITER Brasil Soluções de Pintura Ltda. in Itupeva S.P. (BR)
    REITER Brasil Ltda. will be active as provider for painting services for Tier-1 system suppliers by the middle of the next year. The sales and services for Reiter painting systems is the second purpose of the company.
    In addition, REITER Brasil Ltda. will operate as a representative for specialised companies in the field of surface technology and painting.


  • Reiter goes Social Media
    Implementation of social media channels in the company
  • Development of the new high rotation atomizer "Center Bell 2012", the current model is the world's smallest bell atomizer with quick-change system for the use on robots


  • 40-years company anniversary
  • Development and launch of the new valve generation – the RMV diaphragm paint valve with long service life


  • Take over "otg Oberflächentechnikgeräte GmbH" and foundation "REITER otg GmbH Oberflächentechnik", Wiener Neudorf (A)


Today Reiter is a leading enterprise in all of Europe with a broad product range. Reiter is a leading potential seller of innovative automatic electrostatic painting and application technology in Europe with subsidiary firms in Great Britain, Austria, Benelux, India and Brasil.

Reiter supplies the customers of the wood-, plastic- and metalworking industry with custom made systems for automatic wet painting systems.

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